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Addition of space to your already existing living space, is better known as house extension. You might be extending your family or you might want to make the space more functional; whatever the reason might be, we are here to be your experts of House Extensions in Petersfield.

MCA Design is a team filled with enthusiasts who are qualified, experienced, and skilful. From our architects to our designers, each one of our team members is highly capable of helping you remodel and extend your home in a very professional and unique way. As a company, our vision is not confined to making your spaces look more beautiful but we also aim to make it functional and add value to it. No matter how small or big your extension project is; MCA Design is here at your service, promising to deliver impeccable and satisfactory outcomes.

Unique and Innovative House Extensions

House extensions can be stressful. It is not a small task to add space to an already existing space and make it functional and aesthetically pleasing too. But with MCA Design, it is made easier and efficient. We offer unique house extensions in Petersfield with innovative designs and finishes that attract the eye.

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Our projects are a sight to praise and emit a luxe vibe. From planning to designing and from constructing to finishing; our team undertakes the entire project, promising to deliver an outcome that feels like a dream come true.

No matter what you are looking for, MCA Design is here to help you. If you are wishing to add more space to your home or maybe you just want to make it look more attractive and quirky, as you are bored with how it looks, you can rely on MCA designs for the best services.

Free Initial Consultation

As our clients are our prime priority, we set a free consultation session for all. Our designers and expert team sit with you and discuss everything in detail. From your budget to your ideas and what exactly you need; everything is communicated well. We also provide you with a free quote at the given moment.

Detailed Survey

If our price suits your budget, you can go ahead with us. We move on to a detailed survey which is drawn on a computer and then design and plan all the possible designs for your house extension accordingly. We work through a proper cycle and ensure that our clients feel at ease throughout, without being burdened.

Designs that Set your Home Apart

We believe in designing a house extension with a lot of thought and care. Our team goes above and beyond to bring the best house extensions in Petersfield. We skill and master in the following

  • House extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • Room conversions
  • Conservatories

We not only design and plan your extensions and conversions but we also provide professional advice and consulting sessions. Many times, what you require is not practical or useful for you. As experts, it is our choice to let you know the pros and cons of each design so that you can make a wiser choice for yourself.

From planning advice to a range of innovative architectural designs; MCA Design doesn’t fail to impress you. We are here to help you and guide you through a wonderful house extensions process.

Timely Delivery of the Project

It can be very annoying if your house extensions exceed the set time. This is why our team ensures completion of the project on the declared time. We set a schedule and share it with you too, so that you can also keep tabs on it.

We stay true to our words and deliver the project, before the deadline. We feel gratified to state that our projects are never delivered late due to our seamless collaboration. From final finishes to arranging everything according to your liking; we complete a project and close it, before we hit the set deadline.

Our aim is our client’s satisfaction and we feel proud to be delivering the best of the best house extensions petersfield services.

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