Structural Engineers

Structural Engineer

A structural engineer for every construction project holds the importance of a backbone, providing the load calculations and structural design for the foundations, substructures and superstructures. Not only are they required to get approvals from the building department, but these designs also mark the commencement of the construction project.

Structural engineering is a delicate yet essential piece of the process. For complex calculations and structural designs, it is important that you choose a highly experienced and efficient structural engineer who you can thoroughly rely upon.

MCA Design, being a highly experienced design-build firm, understands the importance of a structural engineer. That is why we house a team of experienced, skilled structural engineers with exceptionally innovative and creative working styles. Hire them and witness the level of skills and efficiency that you have never seen before.


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Our Structural Engineering Services

Pre-Design Stage

Once the final architectural plans are ready, they are sent to our structural engineer to get a preliminary grasp of the project and get an estimated quote for the services. After the quote approval by the client, our structural engineer is officially deployed on the project.

Site-Survey and Data Collection

The structural engineer will then study the architectural plans, take a thorough site survey to assess the soil conditions and carry out complex load calculations to devise a perfect structural design for your building. Our structural engineers will undertake a thorough soil investigation if required.

The Design Stage

After collecting the data and double-checking all the measurements, our engineer will devise a perfect structural design for your commercial or residential building. From the foundation design to all the load-bearing elements of the superstructure, they will leave no detail out to ensure the most thorough structural plan.

Revisions and Final Drawings

Once the designs are complete, they are sent to the client for final approval. If the client requires, our structural engineers will make any suitable changes in the plans unless the client finally approves them. After that, our structural engineers will provide the finalised structural drawings to the team to commence the project.


Is the structural engineer the same as an architect?

No, an architect is responsible for building design, while a structural engineer’s job is to make it structurally sound and safe to use.

What is a structural survey?

A structural survey is conducted to assess the building’s current condition, its defects and other aspects. These surveys are usually conducted for insurance purposes after a disaster such as a fire or flood.

Why do I need a structural engineer for my home project?

You will be required to provide structural drawings to the building control department to get approval for your project. That is why you need a structural engineer for your home project.

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