Residential annexes, also known as “granny annexes,” provide an excellent opportunity for family members to live independently while remaining close to their loved ones. Local councils typically find such proposals reasonable. However, it’s important to exercise caution when proposing an annexe outside established settlement boundaries to avoid creating a new independent dwelling, which may not be permitted.”

Full Planning Permission

If the annexe is intended to be a self-contained living unit (with its own kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area), you will likely need to apply for full planning permission. This is because it would be considered a separate dwelling. However, if its for just sleeping in and other duties, line coking  and washing are carried out in the main house, this can be carried out under your permitted equipment rights.

Building Regulations

Regardless of whether planning permission is needed, approval of building regulations is typically required to ensure the structure meets health and safety standards. This includes considerations such as structural integrity, insulation, and fire safety.

Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

If your property is a listed building or located in a conservation area, additional restrictions may apply, and you will likely need to obtain planning permission.

Local Authority Consultation

It is advisable to consult MCA before starting any construction. We can provide guidance on whether your proposed annexe requires planning permission and what specific local 

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