House Extensions Portsmouth

Cut down the stress of getting House Extensions Portsmouth as MCA design comes in, to rescue you from the confusions and build a clearer picture for you. Whether you want to extend your house to boost its value or you need more space or you wish to make it more functional; MCA design analyses, discusses, plans, designs and then builds your property extension.

Designing house extensions in Portsmouth is not an easy task. Is your property capable of undergoing an extension? Will you require a permit? Can you build a two story? If not, then how can you add space to it? Well, there is a lot to think about and it is our job to do it for you. With MCA design besides you, there is nothing to worry about. Our team of professional designers and builders bring high quality house extension in Portsmouth services for everyone.

Our team of highly qualified, trained and well-experienced builders, architects and designers bring latest ideas and innovations for an incredible extension. We not only aim to make your space aesthetically pleasing but we thoughtfully plan to make it highly functional and valuable as well. We promise to bring impeccable outcomes to your service. We manage all types of remodeling and house extensions in Portsmouth.

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House Extensions in Portsmouth Like Never Before

Home extensions have become a huge trend lately. Many people are adding more space to their homes, aiming to make them more functional and bigger. Also, due to the pandemic, we all are stuck at home. Adding space to our homes seems like a relief. As we can be locked inside our homes at any time, why not extend it and make the time much more useful? With high quality home extensions in Portsmouth, you can make the best use out of your property and add space to it, in different ways.

Whether you simply wish to add more space to your home or you are wishing to make it look more aesthetically pleasing as you are bored with how it looks you can rely on MCA designs for the best house extensions in Portsmouth.

Great Time Management

House extensions can be pretty annoying, if they are not managed and finished on time. This is where MCA design is proud to stand out. Our team works seamlessly through wonderful communication and makes sure that the project is completed with the set timeline. Before execution of the project, a plan is curated, along with a schedule that has each task tagged along with the date and deadline.

Our team ensures that every task is completed on the set time and date, and thus, the project is completed on time too. We try our best to finish your House Extensions Portsmouth, on time, so that you don’t have to feel restless or stressed. We have a team of trained and well-experienced architects and builders who are highly-capable of managing everything professionally. Thus, with us being on board, you have nothing to worry about.

Ideas for House Extension in Portsmouth

We offer a wide range of ideas and styles for home extension Portsmouth. You can extend your house in the following ways:

  • Double storey extensions
  • Single storey extensions
  • Sunrooms
  • Over structure extensions
  • Conservatories
  • Porch extensions

MCA Design brings trendy and modern ideas for house extensions in Portsmouth for all. We believe in following the latest trends as it keeps the value of your property alive.


If you are planning for a house extension in Portsmouth, then look no further than MCA Design. Contact our team of professionals today and we will get back to you within no time. Our consultation team will get in touch with you and will then forward your project needs to the designers.

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It is time to transform your home and make it look luxurious, eye-catching and much more valuable too.

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