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MCA is about helping each other, succeeding together and using property as our investment vehicle together with our skill-set then crafting a beautiful home for open market or retention.

We again provide you stress and hands off investment opportunity saving you time and money.  As well as our “in house” Architectural and Building services to provide a fast and flexible turnaround, being one step ahead of our competition. We also have a team of Industry experts advice always at hand to help with seamless land accusation and build. 

With Money being printed to prop up the global economy, UK interest rates down to almost 0% while inflation is at around 2%, money sitting in the bank will be worthless in a year then it is today.

If this is you and want to make a difference to your saving then why not join our investor’s club.  The partnership will ensure full transparency between all parties regular updated on the investments and personal site visits.   Have a look at some of our past and current investment opportunities here.

Our Investment Opportunities

Joint Venture Property Agreement  (JVPA)

Our favourite investment structure where one party is putting in the money and the other is doing the work and providing the expertise, which is a very common strategy  MCA will pay the selected partners a fixed % rate of return, depending on the amount put in OR 50/50 profit split after deductions.

To make it simple we have shown a typical example below for the fixed interest investor and how it works:

The total cost is £130,000, which Ms Investor puts in.  The property is sold for £160,000. For simplicity, let’s say that the project takes a year from start to finish.

When the property is sold:

Ms Investor receives profits of £10,400     (8% of £130,000 invested)

MCA makes a profit of £19,600             (£30,000 gross profit minus the investor return)

Assisted Sale

Here we agree a sale price with the vendor who is having difficulty in selling their property due to financial restraints. The house may need repairs done to the bathroom/kitchen or it may have damp etc. We arrange for the repairs to be completed and for the sale of the house. Once sold, we pay the agreed price of the property to the vendor and keep any profits generated. We do not charge a commission or any fees.

Rent to Rent

This is a service we provide as a company where we rent properties from a particular landlord in exchange for a fixed rental income. This form of re-letting is perfectly legal and there are several ways to do so, usually involving commercial or residential tenancies and management or lease agreements. This is a very attractive scheme that appeals to the majority of homeowners. Simply because ‘you’ (the landlord) want a hands-off investment while ‘we’ (the renter) look after the property, both physically and legally in a given period of time, covering all voids, repairs, maintenance and keeping you informed every step of the way.

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