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Define Your House’s Architecture with Credible Loft Conversion Types

Put a damper on the thought of moving out when you have sufficient space for loft extension in your Chichester property. We are a loft conversion company Chichester that provides all kinds of loft conversions. Explore the possible types of loft conversions that will favour your needs and requirements:

  • Roof Light Conversion

Sleep calmly under the starlit sky by collaborating with MCA for its advanced roof light loft conversion in Chichester. Roof light conversions are the cheapest and least disruptive alternative because no changes to the contour or pitch of the roof are required. It’s merely a matter of installing skylight windows, laying down a decent floor, and installing a stairway to make the chamber habitable.

  • Dormer Conversion

Create a roof slope through brilliant dormer loft conversions, offered as a part of MCA’s best loft conversions Chichester suite. It is the most common loft conversion, namely a flat-roof dormer. They are appropriate for almost any property with a sloping roof. Dormer conversions are less costly and significantly increase headroom and floor area.

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  • Hip-to-Gable Conversion

Gain more internal space with smart loft conversion plans Chichester services of MCA. Because it requires a free sloping side roof, this style of conversion works well on detached or semi-detached buildings. If your house is detached and it has a sloping ceiling on both sides, you can expand on both to create a larger double hip-to-gable expansion.

  • Mansard Conversion


Step up your living space game with MCA’s loft conversion builders Chichester, rich heritage of building mansard extensions. These extensions extend the length of the roof, which changed the angle of your roof to practically vertical. This kind of conversion is the most expensive one, but they provide a large amount of extra room. Mansard conversions are appropriate for most types of houses, which may include detached, semidetached and terraced houses.

Why Rely on MCA Design to Meet Your Needs?

For nearly thirty years, MCA has provided many clients with tremendous and sustainable design solutions. MCA considers their client’s demands closely and collaborates with them to make plans that mirror their objectives and culture. Every project is approached as an exciting opportunity to create the most potential dynamic and effective design. We provide a wide range of high-quality services that enhance the worth of each project. Moreover, we offer the most affordable loft conversion drawings cost Chichester. Here are some benefits listed below that make you rely on MCA designs.

  • Enhanced Understanding

Every project is approached as a unique challenge and an exciting chance to create the most dynamic and efficient structures possible. The most important MCA phase is listening to our clients carefully to understand their needs.

  • Master Planning

MCA can support the expansion and incorporation of new structures and existing designs flawlessly and without disrupting continuous tasks, while increasing the user’s experience is a sign of our masterplan planning and conveyance.

  • Custom Project Management

MCA in-house project managers provide a full project management solution for both public and private sector clients. MCA’s loft conversion Chichester suite allows you to personalise your home improvement project. MCA’s staff will meet your demands while significantly expanding client fulfilment.

  • Design and Workplace Strategies

We provide a full and inspiring interior design service to our customers, from brief formulation and strategic space planning through material selection, furniture design, and artwork commissions.

  • Sustainability

MCA has demonstrated that every project can include some level of sustainability reasoning throughout its life cycle. Sustainability is the main focus of our plans. MCA judges the suggestion of every choice. MCA is focused on making a decent and enduring impact on our environment and community. We incorporate practical strategies into our work.

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Loft Conversion Chichester
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