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MCA Design takes pride in using creative approaches that implement our client’s realistic demands and goals. Our architectural services are primarily designed to provide comprehensive plans for all our clients. A complete design proposal that includes a colour scheme, blinds, wall coverings and all other aesthetic elements is included in the design template and proposal.   You will be over the moon to see the end results of smooth project execution.

Smarter design leads to smarter construction

Our top-notch architectural services are best for all those planning to construct their residential and commercial buildings.  Our professional team members approach each design process holistically.  We take sufficient time to listen to our clients and assist them in prioritising superior architectural design. We provide buildable solutions that efficiently create functional space inside enriched aesthetic surroundings.

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The process we follow


Strategic definition and project brief

At this step, you will share your ideas, goals, budget and expectations from the project.  Our local architectural design services are of premium quality therefore, our team will assist you in evaluating options to make a suitable decision after conducting a feasibility study.  During this initial stage, we also pay a visit to your site to look in detail at all the elements. A detailed discussion is carried out if you want to add additional space, proportions and other unique elements in your design process to accomplish a distinct look. We will agree on a project plan and timeframe for all the project stages during this initial meeting.

Design concept

Our expert architectural design services will work on your set requirements.  As a result, our design process is one of a kind, geared at identifying the best possible solutions and effectively communicating them with our clients. We take pride in providing exceptional architectural design services, which are unique from start to finish. If you want it, we can present you with one or two options throughout the sketch design phase. The finalised sketches are transformed into digital CAD designs.

Developed design

Our architectural design services also provide a thorough representation of design through developed design concepts. We will create a complete set of digital CAD drawings and carefully analyse material and finishes for various structural possibilities. Once the design is approved, then we will proceed further to the next stages.

Technical design

Our architectural house drawing services assist with a technical design that complies with UK building laws.  This step will include staircase design, ventilation systems, water and airtightness designs, sound separation designs, rainfall drainage design, and lastly, checking fire escape and protection measures.

Premium architecture interior design services

Our professional architectural services add a unique touch to the interior of your house. While interior design is all about making your place feel like a cohesive whole, we are equally concerned with the exterior as well as improving the overall functionality of your building.  We want to build great buildings where people feel good.  Our team is proficient in accomplishing better design services through indirect lighting, juxtaposing hard and soft materials or a hand-crafted wrought iron sculpture.

Why should you choose our specialists for architectural design services?

Many customers choose an easy approach of going to the builder to design their houses or lofts. The risk here is that they will overpay for a subpar design or not realise their full planning potential. MCA Design will assist you in providing architectural services at an affordable price range.  Our standard services include up to three ideas for internal space layouts for you to consider for each project. We will always discuss your space requirements and can work with you in your own house to fine-tune your CAD design.

Architectural Plans

Reputable relationship with clients

Over the years, we have cultivated a trustworthy relationship with our clients by committing to excellence.  Our professional crew is focused on quality architectural building design services that are within the budget of clients. At MCA Design, we are motivated to go above and beyond to meet the expectations of our clients.

What do we charge for our architectural services?

Whether you avail of our interior design or full architectural building design services, we always prioritise quality and maintain high standards in everything we do.  Our architectural services cost far less than our competitors. We provide a full range of architectural services at an affordable price.

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