Architectural Design Services Chichester

A well-drawn architectural plan is a key to a beautifully constructed house. Architects do to structures what a painter does to his canvas. Our architects are certified professionals. They harness their fresh thinking and focused approach to creating inspiring designs to build your dream home. Our residential architectural services in Chichester are unmatched, and you will find no other like us.

Model Architectural Services for Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are the most affordable and simple way of adding value and space to your house. We have vast experience when it comes to designing loft conversions that maximise value addition. Whether it is an en-suite bedroom or your child’s room, our architects will take your ideas and turn them into a work of architectural art. Avail of our Architectural Design Services Chichester if you intend to carry out a loft conversion.

Well-designed House Extensions

House extensions add space and estate value to your residential properties without going beyond the footprint of your home. Well-designed house extensions can transform your home entirely. More usable garden space, outdoor indoor integration, extra storage, additional rooms, and even an entire floor are the features that come under house extensions. Our architects will help you make the most out of your extra space and design the perfect layout for your extensions.

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Inspiring Designs for New Builds

Building a home that is exactly according to your ideas is a tough job. Not every other architect can make your dream home a reality. That is exactly what we are here to do. Our team will communicate with you throughout the process of designing the home you want. Making your ideas the foundation of our design, we will share concepts and drawings with you till you are satisfied with our Architectural Services Chichester.

Do You Need Planning Permission for Your Construction Design?

Some loft conversions and house extensions require Planning Permission. After you have finalised your design, we will be responsible for getting the approval. Your plans will be submitted to the local council’s Planning Department. After the approval, the application will be available online. The council may make inquiries and ask questions, and we must satisfy them. Usually, rooflight conversions and dormer conversions do not require planning permission. When it comes to extensions, side return extension, rear extension, and wrap-around extension may not require planning permission depending on your area. Our architects will take full advantage of the newly revised permitted development rights so that you do not have to seek planning permission.

How Do We Help in Building Regulation Application?

All extensions may not require planning permission, but all will require building approval. Our architects will prepare detailed plans and submit them to the council, who will check all the details. We will communicate with the council and answer any questions they may have. Our architects will ensure the building regulation approval is received at the earliest. It is also important to keep the council informed whenever an important milestone is achieved. Our architects will constantly stay in touch with the council members to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We Work with Latest Architectural Designing Software

Technological innovation has provided architects with incredible software that can help them with several design steps, from generating ideas to analysing the suitability of different designs. We have the latest design tools and software to facilitate our architects in providing you with the best Architectural Design in Services Chichester.

Perfect Team for Perfect Execution

We can help you prepare the design of your dreams and get the necessary approvals. You can take our design to any construction company for execution. However, our in-house team comprises structural engineers, builders, interior designers, and people from many other fields. Our architects will liaise with our engineers to ensure that the structure is built exactly how it should be. We will not only provide you with Architectural Design Services in Chichester, but our architects will also have more control over the construction process working with our team compared to a third-party contractor.

Why Our Architectural Services?

We are an unparalleled company for architectural services. we offer:

  • Accredited and professional architects.
  • Reliable Architectural design services Chichester.
  • Latest designing software and tools.
  • Planning permission and building approval are our responsibilities.
  • Get highly competitive rates from us.
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